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Golden Buffalo Marching Band
Hey there! I'm Chelsea, a native-born Coloradan who is based in Denver. I'm a self-taught artist and web designer who began dabbling into the freelance business back in 2005. For quite some time, I wanted to keep artwork as a hobby and I pursued other industries for a career. I began studying aerospace engineering in 2009 at the University of Colorado Boulder. Of course, as a typical college student, I changed majors several times, and ended up with Fine Arts with a concentration in Digital Media and a minor in Business. During my time at CU, I was a part of the university's "Golden Buffalo Marching Band," for which I designed several items. I will sometimes still volunteer some work for them.

For the past few years, I have been advising and consulting with local businesses for marketing and advertising, including logos and websites. In the meantime, I have been practicing more on animation, HTML5/CSS3, social media designs, and (actually) tattoos. I've been trying my hand at building a Youtube channel to help make people laugh, all while working a regular pink-collar job and mommying an energetic German Shepherd and two affectionate cats.

  2. You are not allowed to steal, claim, edit, or trace any of my work, unless stated otherwise.
  3. You are allowed to use my work as wallpapers (for devices and computers), icons, avatars, and signatures, unless stated otherwise. It would be advised for you to link back to this website or my DeviantART gallery.
  4. If you want to use any of my work for tattoos, cars, clothing, any commercial purposes, etc., you must contact me for permission for I may charge a fee. Otherwise you will be in violation of copyright.
  5. You are allowed to reference off of my work (although I wouldn't recommend it for I'm not perfect) as long as you link back to the original. You will want to be careful because there could be a very fine line between referencing and copying.
  6. ALL COMMISSIONS ARE TO BE UNTOUCHED! Commissions are only available for use by the commissioner.

** If you believe someone is posing as me, contact me. All the information here and on my subdomains are up-to-date and accurate, but you're welcome to message me so you can be sure. **

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